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Jacob was fondly born with love and freedom. 30th January 2011 was his birthday and also my heyday. His mom, Cici gave birth to 5 kittens. 4 males and a female. Jacob was a tom. actually it was quite hard for me to opt which one of them to be christened as JACOBIN. :P but seemed like im a die-hard-fan of TWILIGHT, i opted the orange one as the colours reminded me of the WERE-WOLF, TL. i was extremely happy as i got a new acquaintance. :)  i played with him every time i got back from school and whenever i felt like wanted to. for me, he was my great buddy. though he just a cat. all hell broke loose when he didnt come home for two days. i thought he was sulking or maybe he felt neglected because the other cat had given birth in my house area. i couldnt toss her out since the babies were still young. im not so savage. :P on the second day he went missing, i had a bad fever also great headache. the next day, my brother told my mum that he saw jacob's dead body. i reassured myself that jacob was still alive. to be sure, i went out and found out it was really him!! he died in somebody's orchard! fortunately the guy offered himself to bury jacob. thank god!

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